EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL PICUAL VARIETY Pack of 3 bottles 5OOml/ 16.9 fl. oz

45,45 IVA incluido

5% Dto.

AOVE PICUAL GREEN SUBLIM is an early harvest olive oil. It is balanced, very fragrant and it has flavor notes that remind us of freshly cut grass, tomatos and green apples. Its spiceness and bitterness are soft and very pleasant at the palate.

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TYPE OF OLIVE: 100% picual

Integrated Production Farming with Number of Register 01/14-0040

OIL QUALITY: Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Intense fruity

COLOUR: green

ACIDITY: 0.12%



ELABORATION: máximum period of 4 hours from collecting to milling. Cold extraction at 21ºC.

We use 10 Kg of olives to get 1 liter of oil.

WAREHOUSE STORAGE: stainless steel tanks

STORAGE SUGGESTIONS: preserve from heat and excesive light. Keep in a cool place.

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