Knowing where our olive trees are located

Our olive groves are located over the meadows of the river Guadalimar, at the foot of Sierra de Segura mountains ( Nature Reserve of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas).This privileged location offers us a fantastic landscape and an excellent microclimate.
Our olive trees are more than four hundred years old. We have written evidence that our ancestors bought one plot of land with olive trees beside the river Guadalimar in 1645 and that they payed 10 maravedis ( old Spanish coin) for it.
Entire generations farmed those olive trees with effort and hope and,without knowwing it, they created a forest of eternal trees which obtein nourishment from the strengh of the mountain soils and quenches their thirst by the humid river atmosphere. We want to be worthy of this legacy by carrying out a sustainable farming with a great respect for Nature.
Sierra de Segura mountains represent an unique environment. Its flora and fauna enlarges our olive grove ecosystem. All kind of birds and reptiles help us to control plagues of insects and small rodents, and mammals as wild boars and deers walk proudly among our olive trees looking for pasture and springs.
The mountain climate provides olive trees with the extreme temperature that they need in order to produce antioxidants; but, at the same time the river microclimate softens that harm.
The characteristics of this landscape poure on the fruits and the treasure that we obtein from them: a marevellous juice full of antioxidants and vitamines and with a very fresh flavour and bouquet. The flavour and nose of our olive oils remind those of green tomatoes, almonds, recently cut herbs… All of them interweave creating a green sublime tapestry, every thread of wich represents the beat of every unique tree on a beatiful land under a starry sky.

Extra virgin olive oil from homegrown

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